We are pleased to announce the release of “Shardlake,” a captivating drama, history, and mystery series that premiered on May 1st. Co-produced by Pioneer Stillking Films in Hungary, this adaptation of C.J. Sansom’s best-selling novels promises to immerse viewers in Tudor England.

Set during the dissolution of the monasteries in the Tudor era, “Shardlake” follows the journey of Matthew Shardlake, portrayed by Arthur Hughes, who is sent by Thomas Cromwell, played by Sean Bean, to investigate the death of a commissioner in the remote town of Scarnsea. Anthony Boyle and Ruby Ashbourne Serkis also star in this compelling narrative.

The series boasts meticulous attention to detail, from its authentic sets and costumes to its immersive storytelling. With a talented cast and a rich historical backdrop, “Shardlake” offers audiences a glimpse into the political intrigue and personal dramas of this turbulent period.

“The historical series blends murder mystery with Tudor trappings to make for an engrossing and welcome throwback.” – Radio Times

“This is a tightly-plotted, gorgeously atmospheric piece of television.” – The Evening Standard

“Shardlake, adapted by Stephen Butchard and directed by Justin Chadwick, is in pursuit of Tudor-era flavor and it is convincing in its depiction of such in the speechifying, the production design (by Nick Palmer), and the acting.” – Wall Street Journal

“Shardlake: murder mysteries don’t get more fantastically creepy than this.” – The Guardian

“One of the best TV shows to watch this May.” – BBC

Photos: Courtesy of Disney+