Stillking Films, the production company that has co-produced over 150 feature films and television series including Poor Things, Spaceman, and We Were The Lucky Ones, has teamed up with global production company and industry peer Twentyfour Seven, to launch Málaga based, Spanish production outfit Ánima Stillking.

Ánima Stillking will be overseen by CEO Silvia Aráez, former CEO of Fresco Film, Executive Producer María Cabello, whose credits include Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, Netflix’s Fool Me Once, Black Mirror and Sony’s The Blacklist; and CFO Cristina Armario, previously CFO of Fresco Film.

In addition to its Málaga base, Ánima Stillking has fully staffed offices in the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Madrid, Basque Country and Palma de Mallorca.

ÁNIMA STILLKING already has a busy slate including several projects in production with Netflix, a major anthology series for AMC, and has been bonded by Film Finances for a feature film now in production.

Silvia Aráez says “We all come to the table with our own extensive backgrounds: myself, María, and CFO Cristina Armario having worked as producers on many international films in Spain including managing tax rebates. We feel strongly about our capabilities, together with Stillking and Twenty-Four Seven, we are even stronger in partnership with each other as demonstrated by the exciting slate we have already started to build”

Ánima Stillking’s specialties include overseeing all aspects of production, local tax rebate structuring, pan-European finance options, location services and an extensive roller-deck of local production and Government contacts.

Led by CEO Matthew Stillman and head of production David Minkowski, Stillking’s network spans Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Serbia, and with Ánima Stillking will now offer its first Mediterranean outpost in Spain.

TwentyFour Seven is a bespoke service production company with a number of bases worldwide, including Santiago, Madrid, Warsaw, Buenos Aires and the Dominican Republic. It specialises in co-producing branded content, music videos, commercials and feature film.


Silvia Aráez says: “We are comfortable within a wide range of budget options having worked alongside studios and streamers as well as independent producers”.

María Cabello said: “We can adapt to any kind of financial structure or situation. There are a lot of independent projects happening now in our industry, especially after the strike, and we’re encountering a lot of projects that are looking for solutions for how to finance their productions. We can offer them the specific solutions that they are looking for, using all the tools at our disposal in our country and with knowledge of all the relevant laws at play.”

Stillking’s David Minkowski adds: “What’s exciting to me is the community we’ve built. We are a network of filmmakers with a very personal, hands-on way of working. Between all of us at Ánima Stillking, we have decades of experience, so if you work with us you’re going to work with a new company, but not with people who are new to the business. You’re coming into a stable, reliable, professional environment full of people who know exactly what to do to make your project a success.”